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Born and raised in sunny southern California, Shari relocated to Arizona after high school and has amassed over 22 years of valuable experience in skincare, injectables, and medical device sales.

Shari's exceptional sales and service expertise is backed by a remarkable track record. For nearly two decades, she thrived as a Senior Account Manager/Regional Team Leader for a renowned skin care company consistently ranking among the Top 3 performers nationwide. This remarkable achievement has empowered her to forge enduring connections with clients and masterfully develop strategies that guarantee success.

What sets Shari apart is her unwavering passion for training and team building. Through her extensive career, she has become a maestro in customer and patient education, fostering unbreakable bonds with individuals across various walks of life.

Currently living in Gilbert, AZ with a “pack of ungrateful and badly behaved mutts," Shari finds joy in embarking on sales and training trips throughout the southwest region. Moreover, she actively engages in volunteer work as a respite provider for special needs children and a "baby rocker" at Phoenix Children's Hospital, demonstrating her deep commitment to making a positive impact in the community.